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Lucian Trandafir aka Dj Ralmm was born in Iasi (Romania), at the middle of 1985. Being in love with music, he would spend his whole spare time composing from the age of 16. This accentuated the trip to a less commercial music of that time which characterizes that stage, the main impact coming from Prodigy at that time, but also from other producers of the time.
In 2010 he was also nominated at “Premiile Nights Awards 2009-2010″, the annual gala which is organized every year and brings the most important achievements in terms of clubbing in Romania for the several categories :
– “Best Romanian resident DJ in 2009” – Place 4
– “Best ascension in Romania in 2009” – Place 1
– “Best musical production in Romania in 2009” – (Dj Ralmm & Ciprian Robu – I Love This Beat) – Place 2
– “Best clubbing radio show in 2009 in Romania” (Dj Ralmm – I Love This Beat – Radio Show) – Place 16